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Fresh Farms' Ben Moennig Talks Cotton Candy Grapes at Viva Fresh Expo

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Cotton candy is no longer a simple state fair staple. Now, you can find it in produce aisles. Yes, you read that right, but in case you don’t believe me, hear it straight from Ben Moennig of Fresh Farms.

Ben Moennig, Salesman, Fresh Farms“We’re showcasing Cotton Candy grapes, which we’ve started growing down in Jalisco, Mexico,” he tells me. “So, it offers us an opportunity to provide green grapes for the fresh market this time of year.”

Ben lets me know that the Cotton Candy grape harvest began in mid-April and went on into early May, after which there was a slight gap before starting up again the second and third weeks of May.

Cotton Candy grapes are currently being harvested in Jalisco, Mexico

“It provides us another growing window in a market where we saw the commodity as very sought-after,” he explains. “We’ve had really, really good success with it on the retail-end. It’s a great commodity for us, because it’s not just a regular green grape. It says cotton candy and kids love it, so it’s fun.”

Fun indeed! I can attest to the fact that these grapes do, in fact, taste exactly like cotton candy, and I’m sure consumers will be clamoring for a chance to try these green globes.

To learn more, watch our exclusive interview above.

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