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Giumarra Companies' Megan Gorgisheli Takes Home Besties Award for Best Marketer to Work With

Giumarra Companies' Megan Gorgisheli Takes Home Besties Award for Best Marketer to Work With

LOS ANGELES, CA - Industrious, creative, perceptive, discerning—these are just a handful of the words we use to describe Megan Gorgisheli. As the Director of Marketing Administration for industry giant Giumarra Companies, Megan has a keen sense of what retailers want, what her company’s vision is, how artists think, and how to bring all levels of collaboration together into a seamless campaign, packaging design, advertisement, or, simply, a conversation.

This year, to honor her for being an essential industry contributor and an amazing human to collaborate with, we have awarded Megan the Besties Award for Best Marketer to Work With.

Megan Gorgisheli, Director of Marketing Administration, Giumarra Companies“I am honored to be recognized by the team at AndNowUKnow (ANUK). We have been working together for over 10 years, and some beautiful, unique ideas for Giumarra have emerged as a result of our collaboration,” Megan shares. “ANUK does a great job of bringing our products and programs to life through a variety of creative vehicles—like print, video, digital design, and photography—that help our customers learn about our offerings in a fun and exciting way. Our process is one of mutual trust and feeling comfortable with stepping outside of our comfort zones, communicating what is and isn’t working, and throwing in a healthy dose of humor. The Besties Award on my desk will remind me to not shy away from asking ‘What if we…?’ during the creative process.”

For the 100-year anniversary of Giumarra Companies' wholesale operation, Giumarra Bros. Fruit Co., ANUK, and Giummara did a feature in The Snack with interviews and “then and now” photos of some key, long-time employees who worked in the wholesale business as part of their careers at Giumarra

Megan’s great imagination and mind for new ideas create an openness that is fueled by possibility. She is one of our biggest advocates and consistently motivates those around her to level up their game. Megan always brings a fresh take on the industry and encourages us to do the same, offering a genuine enthusiasm at the end of a project that makes the next one exciting to take on.

For Giumarra Companies' proprietary DulceVida™ nectarines, the ANUK creative team and Megan designed a print ad for The Snack, which featured a sunset design that really emphasized the premium aspect of the fruit and, in Megan's words, looking at the colorful ad inspires the same emotion she feels when biting into the fruit: delight

“My dad likes to tease me that marketing is just about making something look good, and I don’t deny that’s certainly part of it. How a message is delivered matters. But if you have a great product and a story with integrity, ‘making it look good’ is the cherry on top and one of the most enjoyable parts of my job,” Megan expresses. “I can’t think of a product more worthwhile to market than healthy fresh produce that feeds families and sustains the livelihoods of countless people globally.”

Thank you, Megan, for paving such an exciting path for us all to walk!

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