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Healthy Trailer Receives Patent for Automated Clean and Disinfection System

Healthy Trailer Receives Patent for Automated Clean and Disinfection System

SALINAS, CA - When it comes to fresh produce, one thing consumers look for is food safety—especially as the pandemic brightened the spotlight on product cleanliness and potential contamination. Giving everyone across the supply chain peace of mind, Healthy Trailer stepped in with its automated system capable of cleaning and disinfecting trailers and has since been issued a patent for its proprietary solution.

Due to cross-contamination from prior cargoes and people, including truck drivers and loading/unloading crews, trailers are often exposed to harmful human pathogens and allergens that can cause foodborne illnesses, putting public health at risk. According to a release, Healthy Trailer’s automated wash, dry, and UV disinfection process mitigates this type of contamination while also minimizing the time it takes to clean trailers for drivers, shippers, and consignees.

Healthy Trailer has been issued a patent for its automated wash, dry, and UV disinfection process that minimizes trailer contamination

Currently, food products are limited to manual cleaning through sweeping, blowing, and rinsing with pressure washers in a process known as a washout. While these methods may provide some measure of cleaning, they are unable to disinfect.

Having heard frequently from suppliers and buyers in the food and beverage industries about their level of concern over the liability associated with poor trailer sanitation and their lack of control over the sanitary condition of trailers, Healthy Trailer implemented food safety science and sanitary protocols to come up with a solution. Enter the company’s automated system which can clean and disinfect a majority of a trailer’s surfaces that are known to collect and harbor contamination.

While traditional cleaning methods—such as sweeping and power washing—can remove some contaminants, Healthy Trailer's solution uses UV lights to disinfect the majority of trailer surfaces

Since the creation of this system, Healthy Trailer has seen rapid growth in popularity amongst trucking companies and their drivers, aligning transportation companies with the FDA’s growing focus on food safety culture, as described in its New Era for Smarter Food Safety release.

How will Healthy Trailer continue to expand in the food safety solutions space? Keep checking in with AndNowUKnow to find out.

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