Lisa Fetterhoff Talks Keystone Fruit Marketing's Apple Program With Andrea Scroggs

Lisa Fetterhoff Talks Keystone Fruit Marketing's Apple Program With Andrea Scroggs

GREENCASTLE, PA - Andrea Scroggs is back and taking a deeper dive into another category of Keystone Fruit Marketing’s specialties. The Sales and Marketing Manager tapped Apple Commodity Manager Lisa Fetterhoff to discuss the upcoming season under the Progressive Produce division.

Lisa Fetterhoff, Apple Commodity Manager, Keystone Fruit Marketing“In the produce business, all growers are facing similar challenges, including inflation and higher labor costs. However, I am excited about the crop of apples that Mother Nature has produced for our team of growers,” Fetterhoff commented. “We are very optimistic about this season’s crop, and we feel prepared to meet the demand of our valued customers.”

As apples and autumn go hand in hand, Keystone’s partners can expect this season to be a smash hit. Keystone has been in business since 1977, and the grower has been selling apples from the beginning.

“I started with Keystone in 1981 and have been involved with apple sales throughout my entire Keystone career,” continued Fetterhoff. “I am most excited about the relationships Keystone has built with growers/packers in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. These relationships allow us to have access to more and more apple supply and a wider range of varietals.”

With apple season kicking off, Keystone Fruit Marketing is optimistic about this year's crop and is prepared to meet the demand of its customers

And speaking of varietals, the Apple Commodity Manager had a couple apples of her eye.

“My favorite apple variety is Jonagold. I love this variety because of its tangy sweet flavor profile. Jonagold is a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious,” Fetterhoff shared. “One of my fall favorites is a warm apple crisp with an oatmeal brown sugar crumb topping. My favorite apple to use in this recipe is a Golden Delicious.”

A delicious season is in store and in stores, so keep an eye out for ANUK to report on all things fresh.

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