Oppy's Jim Leach Discusses Anticipated Surge as PMA Foodservice Expo Approaches

Oppy's Jim Leach Discusses Anticipated Surge as PMA Foodservice Expo Approaches

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MONTEREY, CA - The wisdom that we don’t know what we have until it is gone has echoed furtively in my head as we approach PMA’s Foodservice Expo, reminding me of all the times I took for granted that such events were all but set in stone—until, suddenly, they weren’t.

Jim Leach, Incoming Sales Manager, Oppy“We are eager to see our colleagues in-person at the show. While thankful that Zoom kept us in-touch over this past year, there is nothing quite like speaking face-to-face. We are so looking forward to seeing those we have missed,” Oppy Sales Manager Jim Leach shares as we dive into what to look forward to in Monterey, California, come July 21 and 22.

It’s been a challenging time for foodservice especially, even more so in knowing that it was not for a lack of desire. Any time the potential for a return to restaurants was teased, consumers were at the doors.

As we enter Produce Marketing Association’s PMA Foodservice Expo, Oppy expects a resurgence in foodservice

“We are thrilled to be expecting a resurgence in foodservice as the country opens up. With people gathering at sporting events, convention centers, and other events previously limited due to COVID-19, we foresee an increase in demand coming down the line,” Jim points out.

While people and the moments we share definitely make up the soul of this industry, we both agree what is on the menu is a very close second. I know I am extremely excited to see what the foodservice side of the industry has been cooking up, and it sounds like Oppy has plenty to show on its own.

With much of the country opening back up, Oppy is preparing operators as it begins harvest of its vine-ripened tomatoes to complement its new avocado program in California, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru

“Oppy’s avocado offering has been significantly bolstered due to our investment in Eco Farms, which Oppy has a 65 percent stake in,” Jim reminds me. “Adding to our already diverse roster of regions, we now grow avocados in California, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. We are also beginning harvest for another season of our vine-ripened tomatoes in the Oceanside Pole label. Not many people know that our team harvests each acre 18–20 times throughout the season. This ensures that each tomato is picked at its best and can arrive at the precise specifications of the customer.”

So whether it is a hug, a handshake, a fist-bump, or even an air-hug, the foodservice industry seems ready and willing to embrace a surge on the horizon, kicked off by PMA Foodservice Expo.


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