Red Sun Farms, JemD Farms and Agicola El Rosal Team Named an Award Finalist at Tomato Inspiration Event

Red Sun Farms along with its sister companies JemD Farms and Agicola El Rosal were recently named one of five finalists last week at Tomato Inspiration Event held in Berlin, Germany.

The gala honored the world’s best in the greenhouse tomato industry with judging criteria based on marketing, distribution and growing.

“Receiving this nomination further validates the level of importance we place on growing and marketing the freshest, safest, and most flavorful greenhouse vegetables in North America. This recognition reinforces and represents the uniqueness of our organization and the role we play in the greenhouse industry today. Marketing is the final ingredient in our recipe for success. Our one of a kind ability to maintain full control of every aspect of the supply-chain is paramount in achieving this recognition,” stated Carlos Visconti, Chief Operating Officer.

Visconti, continued, “Red Sun’s pride of ownership from farm to fork sets us apart from our competition. This nomination represents the world-class team we’ve assembled.”

Red Sun’s marketing is supported at every level through full ownership of its farms, control of seed selection and propagation, stringent growing and harvesting practices and customer-centric sales and distribution efforts, according to a press release.

The Tomato Inspiration award, in its inaugural year, was well received through-out the produce industry.

Red Sun Farms, JemD Farms and Agicola El Rosal

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