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Red Sun Farms' Leona Neill Shares Packaging and Product Insights at Southern Exposure 2022

ONTARIO, CANADA - Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure event and got the opportunity to see a myriad of industry faces that I had not seen since the pandemic broke out. One familiar smile that caught my eye as I perused the show floor was that of Leona Neill, Director of Marketing and Packaging at Red Sun Farms, who I stopped to chat with about the greenhouse grower’s unique lineup.

Leona Neill, Director of Marketing and Packaging, Red Sun Farms“Today… we’re showcasing our Sweets family. Sweetpops is one of our sweetest varieties, very great for snacking,” Leonna says, pointing to the vibrant red tomatoes laid out before her. “We’re also talking about sustainability and some different packaging options there for cucumbers, top seal, and going to a clear PET resin for recyclability.”

Located in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Red Sun uses its high-tech greenhouse abilities to produce not only the tasty Sweetpops variety, but a plethora of other mouthwatering produce items to meet consumer needs.

Red Sun Farms recently took to Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure to highlight its unique, greenhouse-grown lineup, which includes the popular Sweetpops variety

To house its offerings, Leonna tells me that the company is using sustainable packaging options on the market today and is also working on its own innovations for the future.

“Right now, we've been working on a plan to kind of roll out in the upcoming years to meet all our customer needs,” she explains. “But at this point, these are initiatives that are available based on technology, and we are working with a lot of suppliers to build on that plan going out in the next couple of years.”

The supplier is currently utilizing sustainable packaging options across its portfolio, while also working on developing future packaging innovations as well

Want to learn more about Red Sun Farms and what differentiates its products in the produce aisle? Watch our exclusive video above.

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