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Stemilt Gets a Head Start on World Pear Day Promotions With Rushing River®  Pears

Stemilt Gets a Head Start on World Pear Day Promotions With Rushing River® Pears

WENATCHEE, WA - World Pear Day is on December 5 this year, which means I have just over a month left to prepare! As an avid follower of quirky holidays and a trade news reporter of fresh produce, I have a special calendar mapped out with days of celebration, and Stemilt is joining in the festive fun. The grower is rolling out on-point pear promotions in time for retailers to take advantage of this fun holiday.

Brianna Shales, Senior Marketing Manager, Stemilt“World Pear Day is a recognized holiday by many that provides retailers an excellent opportunity for pear promotions,” said Brianna Shales, Senior Marketing Manager. “Retailers need pears on ad now to set themselves up for success in December.”

Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers® pears give consumers a delightful eating experience. By including Bartlett, Red Pears, d’Anjou, Concorde, and Bosc pears in-store now through the end of pear season, retailers can sit and watch the pear category grow by year’s end!

Starting pear ads now not only creates excitement around World Pear Day, but also creates brand recognition around Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers pears, which are set on delighting consumers with amazing flavor and excellent quality, the press release notes.

“Stemilt’s pear mission is to build the category one flavor-first pear at a time,” stated Shales. “If retailers want successful World Pear Day promotions, there are a few steps they can take, including sharing the story of our World Famous Rushing Rivers pears, taking advantage of our modern ripening programs, and offering our various packaging vehicles to consumers.”

Stemilt is rolling out on-point pear promotions in time for retailers to take advantage of World Pear Day

Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers pears grow in the Wenatchee and Entiat River Valleys of Washington, some of the best pear locales in the world. Stemilt’s experienced pear farmers harvest at the correct times when the pressures are right, flavors are great, and qualities are impeccable.

Once harvest is complete, Stemilt’s winter pears, specifically, d’Anjou and Red d’Anjou pears, move through Stemilt’s ripening program, RipeRite™. The RipeRite™ program is a multi-step process that not only increases lift and reduces shrink for the retailer, but also increases flavor enzymes and softens the fruit’s flesh for a consistent dessert eating experience that consumers expect.

“We have an amazing team behind the RipeRite program, and it is apparent in our product,” explained Shales. “If retailers want to ensure high success rates for World Pear Day, they should carry our d’Anjou and red d’Anjou pears—consumers won’t be able to get enough!”

Another way to retailers can delight various pear consumers on World Pear Day is by offering a wide variety of packaging and bulk options. From the parent consumer to the dedicated organic shopper, Stemilt has something for everyone.

Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers® pear program gives consumers a delightful eating experience

“For parents looking for a healthy snack for their kids, the Lil Snappers® 3-lb conventional or 2-lb organic bag is a great option,” explained Shales. “The fruit is kid-size, so it is easy to consume and available in varieties kids will love. Plus, it helps reduce food waste!”

Stemilt also has assorted bag sizes, including 4-lb and 5-lb Rushing River bags as well as conventional and organic bulk in multiple varieties. With current consumer habits, carrying a wide variety of produce options, including go-to bag options, bodes well for consumers.

“Consumers want easy, grab-and-go bags that they can buy with confidence,” commented Shales. “Shoppers want to know the fruit they’re purchasing comes with amazing flavor and is the best quality. They will get that when they purchase Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers pears.”

Mark your calendars and get ready for successful World Pear Day promotions by turning to Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers pears today! And keep checking back to ANUK as we bring the latest from the fresh produce industry.


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