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Stemilt's Brianna Shales Details EZ Band Ahead of Incoming Organic Crops

WENATCHEE, WA - An exciting release is on the horizon with Stemilt! Marketing Director Brianna Shales gives us an inside scoop on what to expect this autumn.

Brianna Shales, Marketing Director, Stemilt“Coming this fall, we’re really excited to roll out more EZ Band by Stemilt sustainable packages for apples,” explains Brianna. “They are four-count of organic or club variety apples, packaged into a paper board-based package that’s recyclable for home containers, and it's a great way to drive organic bulk sales of larger size fruit in a vessel that’s a scannable unit.”

The grower has discovered the EZ Band is a great way to merchandise organic apples. This also ensures retailers can get the organic premium for them, which will come in handy with the bounty of organic crops coming in.

Stemilt will be rolling out more EZ Bands this fall for its apples to bolster organic bulk sales

“We are in full season on all of our organic fruits, with a new crop of apples coming,” continues Brianna. “Right now, we’re in the heart of our organic cherries, and peaches and nectarines are coming up next. So it’s a great time to be in the organic world and marketing a lot of the fruit.”

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