Stemilt's Brianna Shales Talks Washington Cherry Season in an ANUK Video Exclusive

WENATCHEE, WA - Summer in Washington State means a plethora of cherries in all colors, sizes, and flavors, and here to tell us about them all is the always informative and lovely Brianna Shales. Stemilt Growers’ Communications Manager joined me to discuss what retailers can expect from the rest of the cherry season after the industry hit its peak, and what later season varieties are still yet to come.

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, Stemilt Growers“[Skylar Rae] is the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat and also is incredibly firm,” Brianna tells me about the exclusive variety available through the end of July. “It offers retailers a really unique third SKU for the cherry category to increase those sales.”

Now, towards the middle of July, Stemilt will also be focusing in on its top-of-the-line Kyle’s Pick cherries packs. Hand-picked from select varieties and only in the largest sizes, Brianna shares with me that this Kyle Mathison-approved label offers only the finest in firmness and flavor.

Skylar Rae Cherries

And don’t forget Stemilt’s late season varieties either! Come mid-August, Stemilt will begin harvesting its Half Mile Closer to the Moon cherries.

“[Half Mile Closer to the Moon cherries] grow 2,650 feet above sea level and higher, all the way up to 4,000 feet, and allow us to take cherry season later than anyone else,” Brianna explains.

Stemilt Growers Cherries

Want to learn even more about Stemilt’s thriving cherry season? Watch my full interview with Brianna above, and visit

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