TransFresh Offers Tectrol Technology for Strawberry Shipment Protection

TransFresh Offers Tectrol Technology for Strawberry Shipment Protection

SALINAS, CA – TransFresh Corporation said that it has an answer for strawberry growers who are struggling this year with decreased acreage, rising production costs, and ongoing regulatory restraints. To cope with these challenges, TransFresh points to its newest technology, the Tectrol Modified Atmosphere Packaging System.

Rich Macleod, Director, TransFresh Corporation

“Now more than ever, growers, shippers and retailers must protect the quality of their berry products so that every pallet, tray and clamshell achieves the greatest return on investment possible,” said TransFresh Director Rich Macleod in a statement. 

To preserve product on the journey from farm to table, TransFresh developed Tectrol, a comprehensive system of containers and pallets that utilize modified or controlled atmosphere to significantly decrease decay during transit and on store shelves.


“The advantage of decreased incidents of decay and decay severity has a direct correlation to revenue potential,” said Macleod. “The financial implications are stunning when you consider the hundreds of thousands of strawberry pallets shipped during the season.” 

Tectrol Technology

Macleod pointed to a peer-reviewed joint research study from the University of Florida and University of California at Davis to compare cross-country shipments of California strawberries and problems that can arise during the process.

10% CO2Researchers found that strawberries transported using the sealed Tectrol pallet cover system, in which CO2 levels were consistently held, demonstrated a significant reduction in decay and better quality on arrival and on-shelf compared to other methods.

More information on shipping procedures and Tectrol technology is available here, which features an online calculator which demonstrates how the product is relevant to users specific finances.

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