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Wonderful Pistachios Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary With New $55 Million Campaign Investment

Wonderful Pistachios Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary With New $55 Million Campaign Investment

LOS ANGELES, CA - As the brand turns to celebrate its decade-long commitment to healthy and delicious snacking, Wonderful Pistachios won’t be shying away from its well-known and full-scale campaigns. The company will be kicking off a new $55 million integrated marketing campaign this November, capitalizing on some of its already proven brand assets.

“Put a Smile on Your Snackface,” features commercials starring NFL star Clay Matthews

As part of its new $55 million investment, Wonderful Pistachios is bringing back both “Put a Smile on Your Snackface,” which you may know from commercials starring NFL stars Richard Sherman and Clay Matthews, as well as Ernie the Elephant, voiced by WWE Superstar John Cena. The campaign will be multifaceted, consisting of TV commercials, social media, trade, in-store POS, FSIs, print, and influencer marketing.

WWE Superstar John Cena voices the character Ernie the Elephant

When the Wonderful Pistachios brand launched in 2008 with its memorable Get Crackin’ ads, the company entered the conversation of viral advertising and social and internet trends. Former Get Crackin’ “castmates” have included The Jersey Shore’s Snooki, Snoop Dogg, as well as internet sensations PSY, Honey Badger, and Keyboard Cat—all who have helped to share Wonderful Pistachios’s marketing message of fun and unique snacking.

The NFL's Richard Sherman stars in the campaign as well

Since 2015, brand awareness jumped from 60 percent to 85 percent and continues to climb.According to a press release, together the “Put a Smile on Your Snackface” and Ernie the Elephant campaigns garnered Wonderful Pistachios 21.8 percent household penetration and a buy rate of 3.4 lbs per household.

Cheers to ten years of iconic marketing, Wonderful Pistachios—you have me already looking forward to Super Bowl commercials.

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