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ANUK's Melissa De Leon Names Five Picks from United Fresh

ANUK's Melissa De Leon Names Five Picks from United Fresh

CHICAGO, IL - You expect to meet amazing food when you’re visiting the Windy City, and I was not at all disappointed. My tummy and taste buds left more than satisfied both from what the restaurant scene had to offer as well as the show floor, but here is what I hope to continue to enjoy even when I get home!

Fresh Del Monte Film Sealed Fruit Cups

We all know fruit cups are among the top tiers of value-added offering, with nostalgia and convenience tied together. But Fresh Del Monte has taken a known concept and launched it anew with this latest packaging debut, making the Top Seal 100-percent leak-proof so that consumers can truly take it anywhere, while meeting sustainability requirements with up to 30 percent less plastic compared to its sibling fresh-cut film seal containers. Fashion and function!

Wonderful Pistachios New Flavors

I saw a lot of Wonderful Pistachio bags being snacked on while exploring the United Fresh show floor, a tell-tale sign that something’s a hit. So I had to check out the new flavors that joined the brand’s line. Honey Roasted? Chili Roasted? Personally, I didn’t see why I had to choose. I mixed them together and had no regrets about it, but you follow your taste buds.

BrightFarms Sunny Crunch and Happy Beet

I’ve been previously teased for my love of salad, needing no dressing to appreciate a good crisp blend of fruits and veggies, but BrightFarms latest launches might have more joining my club. Sunny Crunch celebrates, and even adds to, traditional iceberg offerings, while Happy Beet lives up to its name. Add to that the freshness you can guarantee your shoppers of product being more hours than days old upon purchase, and watch the produce ring rack up.

Mastronardi Produce WOW™ Berry Line

There’s just something about reaching into the foil that would house a chocolate and pulling out a berry that makes me glad it wasn’t chocolate. Yes, I’m very susceptible to presentation, and so are my fellow millennial consumers (or so I’m told), so I hope you got to bite into any one of Mastronardi Produce’s new WOW™ berries! Believe me, there was something for everyone to indulge in.

Pearson Foods Fresh Ramen Soup

Let me preface by saying that I absolutely love ramen, so I was already excited to sample this when following the delicious smell on the show floor. But I didn’t see how it could be produce-specific until learning that this particular offering was made with produce in mind. Touting itself as the “only fresh ramen line on the market,” Pearson’s team shared that this fast yet fresh line of ramen was developed specifically for the produce and deli industries, and should be sold as such. Ginger and Miso seemed to be the show floor favorites, but honestly, my shopping cart would have the whole line if I encountered these in-store.

United Fresh treated us to so many good products, packaging options, and memories. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to San Diego, California’s turn in 2020.

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