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Babe Farms Is Expanding Acreage During An Excellent Summer

Babe Farms Is Expanding Acreage During An Excellent Summer

SANTA MARIA, CA – With a great harvest under its belt and demand strong, Babe Farms is looking to expand. People are loving Babe Farms' wide range of specialty produce offerings and so far this summer both yields and quality have been excellent.

"At Babe Farms, we're all so excited about how well our season's gone so far,” Ande Manos, Marketing Director for Babe Farms, tells AndNowUKnow. “Yields are up and both retailers and consumers are loving our fresh produce. With volume rising compared to previous years, we feel that it's the right time to expand."

The visual appearance of the Babe Farms' line of produce is immediately striking and one of the major draws of its product line, alongside the great taste of course. Here are just a few of its offerings:

1) Romanesco Cauliflowers: A big hit with consumers because of the ornate fractal patterns the variety is famous for. These cauliflower are just a little bit nutty and go great in a variety of dishes.

Babe Farms Is Expanding Acreage During An Excellent Summer

2) Baby Cauliflowers: These golf ball sized treats come in purple, orange, green, and white. They make a great option for chefs looking to liven up their dishes with some color. When eaten at the peak of ripeness, they're tender with just the right amount of sweetness.

Babe Farms Is Expanding Acreage During An Excellent Summer

3) Baby Bunch Carrots: They come in Purple, Maroon, Yellow, White, Orange, Pink, and Round varieties. Each carrot is roughly 5 inches long with distinct flavor profiles and nutritional values for each variety.

Babe Farms Is Expanding Acreage During An Excellent Summer

4) Parsley Root: Aromatic and versatile, these old world root vegetables are roughly the size of a small carrot. Consumers often confuse these roots with parsnips because of their similar color and shape, but they have a distinct flavor profile similar to celeriac, parsley, and carrots. They're another big hit with chefs looking to add depth and aroma to their braises, stews, purees, soups or mashed potatoes.

Babe Farms is a year round grower which has been operating out of the Santa Maria Valley since 1986. It grows over 70 varieties of baby lettuces, specialty greens, root vegetables, baby squash, and baby cauliflower.

With such a wide ranging product line, it's not hard to see why Babe has enjoyed such great demand for its produce. Congratulations on an excellent summer Babe Farms!

Babe Farms 

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