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Bay Baby's Jennifer Pierce Talks Painted Pumpkins and CPMA

Bay Baby's Jennifer Pierce Talks Painted Pumpkins and CPMA

MONTREAL, CANADA - Fall is my favorite season, but when I was a kid, I absolutely hated pumpkin carving—it was the guts, you see, I couldn’t stand the ooey gooey-ness. That’s why it’s so exciting for me to now learn that Bay Baby has my back with expertly painted pumpkins harvested in August and shipped in early September—perfect timing! Like many of you, Bay Baby will be presenting at this year’s annual CPMA Convention and Trade Show, and it’s aiming to steal the show! Bay Baby Spokesperson Jennifer Pierce was just as excited as I am for the company to “spread the pumpkin joy” on the expo floor.

“We are a one-stop grower and leader in painted pumpkins, long stem ornamentals, and winter organic squash,” said Jennifer. “Our vast array of fun and unique pumpkin products will fit each individuals’ personality and flavor palate.”

Bay Baby will be spreading the pumpkin joy on the CPMA floor this year

While the company began with two innovative women, Michele Youngquist and Liz Mitchell, and a plot of just 30 acres of soil, it has grown into a leader in painted, decorated, and ornamental pumpkins, and many varieties of winter squash. In 2000 Bay Baby introduced its signature Pumpkin Patch Pals®, a vibrant crew of individually hand-decorated, painted mini pumpkins with festive character faces and distinctive feathery hair and hats—just what I need for my fall decorations! The company’s newest design concept is based on sports, y’all! The pumpkins all come with football- and hockey-inspired designs and would be right at home with fall decorating.

“We are continuing our mission of ‘SPREADING the PUMPKIN JOY’ with our additional line of Sports Painted Pumpkins,” commented Jennifer. “Our new line will continue to excite and bring joy when others see our products in store or give them to others.”

Bay Baby has an additional line of Sports Painted Pumpkins to show off

Bay Baby will be featuring its Hockey and Football Painted Pumpkins at CPMA as well as its Pumpkin Patch Pals, organic hard winter squash, and many other fun and unique ornamental pumpkins. For retailers, the company has half pallet displays available, pre-mixed with an instant Pumpkin Patch display and focal point. There are no single-case picks—cases are already mixed on pallet—and there are instant ready displays for a variety of products. If you thought the football pumpkins and Pumpkin Patch Pals are all the company has to offer, think again! The design options feature silhouettes, skulls, pets, and lots of fun faces. The zany pumpkins will surely entice customers during fall!

A golden opportunity, the CPMA Convention offers companies a chance to connect with produce industry colleagues from all stages of the supply chain.

Bay Baby's Pumpkin Patch Pals® are a vibrant crew of individually hand-decorated, painted mini pumpkins with festive character faces and distinctive feathery hair and hats

“The CPMA Convention offers a variety of networking and learning opportunities to absorb and grow in the Canadian market; as well as open the door of trade opportunities through partnerships with wholesale and retail entities. The investment made to be a part of CPMA, pays dividends for many opportunities to come,” concluded Jennifer.

To optimize retail fall sales and see these festive pumpkins in person, visit booth #724 at CPMA’s annual Convention and Trade Show.

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