California Fire Forecast Remains Normal or Below Normal

California Fire Forecast Remains Normal or Below Normal

CALIFORNIA - Recent weather reports have brought forth an update to California’s fire forecast, with experts revealing that the forecast remains “normal” or “below normal” as a result of the heavy rain and snow witnessed earlier this year.

Recent heat waves have impacted Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, as well as other states, making conditions ideal for potential wildfires. However, according to NPR, the abnormal amount of rain and snow that fell earlier this year is helping to stave off intense fires in the state of California despite the ongoing heat.

Pictured is the CAL GUARD Taskforce Rattlesnake assisting with a VMP burn in June 2023 (Photo credit: Cal Fire)

As the source went on to note, this is a welcome relief after a series of record-breaking wildfires over the past few years.

Despite the slow start to the hot summer season, experts have also reported that if California sees more sustained heat this summer alongside dry and windy conditions, the wildfire season could be worse than predicted.

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