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California Giant Builds New Data Driven Trade Website

California Giant Builds New Data Driven Trade Website

WATSONVILLE, CA - California Giant Berry Farms is making it easy on its partners after redesigning its trade website. With the fresh site, its partners will be able to locate data immediately, making the information more accessible.

Anthony Gallino, VP of Sales, California Giant Berry Farms “We want to continue to be a strong resource to our trading partners by providing quick, easy-to-read analytics on a variety of topics.  This is the best and easiest way to share the data we have and keep it current as a constant resource to our customers,” said Anthony Gallino, VP of Sales, in a recent press release.

This change is the fruits of its labors after the company spent years collecting consumer data about its needs on a database. The data sheds light on its loyal shoppers’ needs, which ultimately translates into its ability to foretell the purchases and and new loyal customers for the organization and its partners.

Alongside the company’s new website, California Giant receives data to analyze about the trends in the berry industry, which allows the company to analyze the market and create infographics for its new trade site. These infographics not only detail the company’s reports, but also showcase collective research on the consumer, retail, and produce industries.

The Buzz

To view the infographic displays of its research, trading partners can visit trade.calgiant.com and request a full report of any of the findings by clicking on the infographic. The website also boasts of information about pack styles, merchandising, and its farming partners and ranches.

If you want to bite into more juicy details about California Giant's new website and all the data it offers its trading partners, you can email [email protected].

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