Fresh Concepts’ Dustin White and Sysco’s Danny Ortiz Win December Snack Cover Contest

Fresh Concepts’ Dustin White and Sysco’s Danny Ortiz Win December Snack Cover Contest

SACRAMENTO, CA - Once again proving that sharp eyes and quick wits are common traits throughout our industry, two new winners have claimed their prizes as they uncovered the hidden ANUK apple logo on the December Issue of The Snack Magazine.

Popping into our inboxes at lightning speed was Dustin White, Procurement Manager at Fresh Concepts. White has now snagged the title of supply-side champion.

Dustin White, Procurement Manager, Fresh Concepts

“This edition of The Snack was so much fun!” said Dustin. “As always, I can’t wait to try out at least a couple of the WTFs, it was awesome to learn about Adam Brady from his IF List, and it was incredibly insightful to read about Rex’s thoughts surrounding HR (The Swiss Army Knives of Our Businesses’). Thank you ANUK for this fun and educational magazine, I already can’t wait for next month’s edition!”

The next sleuth came to us from the buy-side in the form of Danny Ortiz, Quality Assurance Inspector at Sysco. This isn’t Danny’s first rodeo either; he has previously used his detective skills to hunt down the elusive logo in past issues.

Danny Ortiz, Quality Assurance Inspector, Sysco

“I want to thank ANUK for all the information they provide us with, and of course the thrilling Snack contest challenge we all love to play. Stay safe and GOD bless us all!” said Danny.

If you didn’t have luck this round, have no fear!  Request a subscription to The Snack Magazine here (valued at $129 per year) and keep an eye out for future contest announcements on ANUK for another chance at winning our cash prize.

December 2020 Snack Magazine - Issue 55

Remember that contest rules require submissions that include a person pointing out the logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine, and the countdown only begins once we announce the contest in AndNowUKnow’s newsletter.

Who will be the next set of champions to use their skills to earn a sweet $100 award? Check back next month to discover the winners.

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