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Fresh from the Start™ Introduces The Pink Onion™ to U.S. Markets

Fresh from the Start™ Introduces The Pink Onion™ to U.S. Markets

RIVERHEAD, NY – A new sweet onion, as easy on the eyes as it is the tastebuds, is hitting U.S. shores from across the pond. Imported from Stourgarden Farms in England, The Pink Onion™ by Fresh from the Start™, is milder and sweeter than red or yellow onions, with a unique visual appeal thanks to its delicate pink color.

Dan Dubinsky, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Fresh from the Start

“As the exclusive partner with Stourgarden in the United States, we are excited to bring retailers and foodservice another onion option,” said Dan Dubinsky, SVP Sales and Marketing at Fresh from the Start, according to a press release.

The Pink Onion™ launched stateside with a 15/3 count, pillow wrap package. The high-graphic package includes a tray which tells the interesting history of the pink onion, as well as a recipe and health benefits. Loose pink onions are also available for foodservice.

This unique onion is pink in color on the inside and outside. With a subtle and sweet flavor, it contains less pyruvic acid and higher brix than other varieties. These onions tout a wealth of health benefits, and are delicious raw, grilled, roasted, and pickled.

Originating in the 1800s Coastal France and slowly working its way across Europe, this unique variety has been popular in France and Britain and is now making its way to the United States. Fresh from the Start™ has exclusive rights to Stourgarden Farms pink onions in the United States, you can learn more about these sweet, subtle, pink treats at ThePinkOnionUSA.com.

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