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Index Fresh Shares Promotion of So Good-Grade 2 Avocados

Index Fresh Shares Promotion of So Good-Grade 2 Avocados

RIVERSIDE, CA - To me, there is no such thing as an imperfect avocado toast, an imperfect bowl of guacamole, or even an imperfect scoop of avocado ice cream. Promoting its So Good—Grade 2 Avocado brand that offers fruit that has been deemed visually imperfect but tasty all the same is Index Fresh.

The California-based avocado marketer has created a video, which can be found on Vimeo and YouTube, to showcase its So Good—Grade 2 Avocados for retailers and foodservice providers’ sales programs, as well as to customers interested in what sets the company’s offerings apart from others.

John Dmtyriw, Director of Sales and Marketing, Index Fresh“These avocados are great to cook with. They can be included in delicious recipes that will wow even the savviest of avocado enthusiasts,” Director of Sales and Marketing John Dmtyriw said.

For a multitude of reasons, like sun damage or scarring on the skin, avocados can be deemed imperfect or Grade 2, but the company is aiming to prove that a label doesn’t always mean there are brown spots inside and on the actual fruit itself.

Bailey Diioia, Ventura Field Representative, Index Fresh“The inside of an imperfect avocado will be the same as the inside of a fruit you buy at the grocery store,” Ventura Field Representative Bailey Diioia shared.

The company partnered up with Vevian Vozmediano, who is a personal chef and lifestyle coach and can be followed @VevianVoz online, to create easy and delicious recipes using Grade 2 avocados. Her recipes can be found here.

Vevian Vozmediano, personal chef and lifestyle coach, cooks and creates recipes with Index Fresh's 'imperfect fruit'

“Imperfect fruit is actually perfect for so many recipes and the mango salad with avocado dressing is an excellent example of how we can use these avocados,” Vozmediano said.

The company's video can be seen here:

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