Jessica's Picks: United Fresh Expo 2017

Jessica's Picks: United Fresh Expo 2017

CHICAGO, IL - When I think Chicago, I think FOOD. Amidst some of the country’s best bars and restaurants, it was these produce innovations that stayed in my mind even after the trip was over.

Taylor Farms Stir Fry Meal Kits

Taylor Farms Stir Fry Kits

There’s nothing quite as easy to whip up as a stir fry, and now it’s even easier! Taylor Farms has introduced a line of vegetable Stir Fry Meal Kits, that come in four diverse varieties: Teriyaki, Ginger Garlic, Sesame Chili, and Mandarin Orange. Every kit comes with an authentic stir fry sauce and “on-trend” veggie combinations including a few of my personal favorites: Brussels sprouts, kale, bok choy, and peas.

Reichel Foods, Inc. Pro²Snax to the Max

Pro²Snax to the Max

I am absolutely crazy for any snack pack I can get my hands on right now. Give me veggies, give me cheese, add some protein to go with it, and I am in snacking heaven. With carrots, turkey sausage bites, mild cheddar cheese, and almonds in convenient 6.5 oz on-the-go packages, I think Reichel Foods has hit a slam dunk.

Kitchen22 Chef Inspired Soup

Kitchen22 Chef Inspired Soup

I could tell you all about the delicious and unique flavors, the bright, eye-catching packaging, the nutrient-packed ingredients, but at the end of the day, my feelings about this product are simple—it’s soup you can drink like juice! How I ever lived without this in my life before is truly a mystery. 

Renaissance Food Group Garden Highway Veggie Noodles

Renaissance Food Group Garden Highway Veggie Noodles

The Snack has been a big proponent of veggie noodles for a while now, but not every day do you see a company hit the nail on the head like this. Simply and elegantly packaged, you can see exactly how lovely your meal will look on your plate without having to open the container. Not to mention RFG has come up with a particularly mouth-watering combination of flavors—a Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato noodle hybrid! 

Gotham Greens Ugly Greens

Gotham Greens Ugly Greens

You may be familiar with Gotham Greens from the company’s partnership with Whole Foods. Together, they operate one of the nation’s first commercial scale greenhouse farms integrated within a retail grocery space. But now, the company is on a mission to take over the retail bagged greens space for a good cause. For Ugly Greens, Gotham takes the product that gets blemished during harvesting and packaging, and divert food waste by selling it locally to retailers at a discount. With a story and taste that is winning over hearts, it’s hard not to get on board.

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