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JJB Family Farms' Derrell Kelso Discusses Modi® Apple

JJB Family Farms' Derrell Kelso Discusses Modi® Apple

STOCKTON, CA - Buyers, get ready to capitalize on a unique new opportunity in the apple category. JJB Family Farms is bringing the Modi® apple to retail shelves, presenting the category with a key chance to boost sales.

Derrell Kelso, Manager, JJB Family Farms“The Modi is widely becoming popular, and it’s already on school menus and selling in many supermarkets,” said Derrell Kelso, Manager. “What makes us unique is the fact that our Modi apples are grown in California for Californians. We’re planning on future Modi apple products that we will be bringing to our consumers.”

According to a press release, the Modi apple was developed in the valley north of Venice, Italy, with a goal of producing a new variety with a modern flavor profile and an ecologically responsible approach, according to a press release. Its unique name comes from the famed artist Amedeo Modigliani, who is called “Modi” by his friends, and became famous for his female portraits and his use of bright red colors, similar to the deep ruby red color of the Modi Apples. The delicious variety is a natural crossing between the Liberty and Gala varieties, yielding a crunchy, juicy flesh with just the right amount of sweetness.

Modi apple is unique because it grows in an eco-friendly manner, thanks to its trees with an innate resistance to the main pathogens, the early crop, and integrated crop management in the field. As noted in the release, many actions in the orchard are notably reduced, with a positive impact on environment and a relevant saving of production inputs. In addition, the Modi boasts of CfP, as its carbon dioxide emissions are equal to 0.028 kg CO2 per kg of product in the orchard, with a reduction of up to 49 percent of gas emissions in the atmosphere.

This juicy and flavorful Italian-born and -developed club apple variety thrives in Mediterranean climates, and JJB Family Farms grows the Modi only on its Grand Island ranch, an island surrounded by the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough.

JJB’s mouthwatering apple variety is currently available at supermarkets such as Safeway and Food 4 Less.

If you’re looking for a significant boost to the apple category, you may just find it on this page.

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