To-Jo Mushrooms Embraces a "Spirit of Yes," Introduces On-Trend Mushroom Chop

To-Jo Mushrooms Embraces a "Spirit of Yes," Introduces On-Trend Mushroom Chop

AVONDALE, PA - At To-Jo Mushrooms, we go above and beyond what’s expected and strive to embrace a “Spirit of Yes.”

Since 1932, To-Jo has been family-grown and locally-owned. We say “yes” when others might say say “no”—and work hard to help our partners stay one step ahead of the latest food trend. Here’s What’s in Store.

To-Jo Mushroom's guiding philosophy is known as a "Spirit of Yes"

Take our Mushroom Chop. Primed to add on-trend health attributes and rich umami flavor to almost any recipe, our value-added Mushroom Chop packs are the perfect way for retailers to take advantage of The Blend—the food trend that’s sweeping the nation.

Now, kitchens can add our convenient six-ounce tills of triple-chopped white mushrooms to burgers, tacos, sloppy joes, meatballs, sauces, and more, for a wholesome flavor-boost. Simply sauté, season, and add to your choice of ground meat to punch up flavor while cutting calories.

Mushrooms have a number of healthy benefits

Naturally low in sodium and cholesterol- and fat-free, mushrooms are the perfect way to add savoriness, texture, and a healthy dose of nutrients to meals—without sacrificing taste

And with our Kitchen Live series of videos, consumers can learn more about The Blend, with recipes and usage tips to make blending with Mushroom Chop fun and easy.

To-Jo Mushroom's Mushroom Chop is available in select stores now

So skip the prep and get cooking, with everyone’s favorite secret ingredient—mushrooms. And add Mushroom Chop to enhance dishes and displays today.

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