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Limoneira Celebrates Dads with New Citrus Campaign

Limoneira Celebrates Dads with New Citrus Campaign

SANTA PAULA, CA - After calling the produce industry home for the past two years, I know now that June is not just a dad-centric month, but a United Fresh-centric month, too! Limoneira, however, is making sure that both dads and United Fresh feel the love as we head closer toward both’s big days (June 16 and June 10-12, respectively). One way Limoneira is doing so is through its new Take a Healthy Stand™ campaign—a campaign that highlights the many ways that lemons can play a role in helping to alleviate serious health issues.

John Chamberlain, Vice President of Marketing, Limoneira“Limoneira will be at United Fresh in Chicago talking about our new initiative Take A Healthy Stand,” John Chamberlain, Vice President of Marketing, said. “For those attending the show, we’d love to see you. We’ll be at booth #10030. Grocery and Foodservice Nutritionists are key influencers for shoppers and guests on making healthy choices, and they are on the front lines of the Functional Food movement. Healthy habits don’t have to sacrifice great taste and at Limoneira we can show you how.”

Alex Teague, Chief Operating Officer, LimoneiraCOO Alex Teague added: “There have been a number of research studies that support the role that lemons play in potentially alleviating Heart Disease and Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, and even Cancer. Basically, lemons are an important part of a Mediterranean Diet—a very healthy and delicious way of eating."

Limoneira’s latest campaign includes recipes that Megan Roosevelt, Registered Dietician of The Healthy Grocery Girl® and Limoneira spokesperson, developed with dads in mind, including the following:

Citrus Ginger Cold Brew – A perfect pairing with Dad’s Lemon Glazed Donuts

  • 1 Limoneira Navel Orange
  • ¼ inch fresh Ginger Root
  • ¼ cup filtered water
  • ¾ cup Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • 2 tbsp real Maple Syrup

Directions: Juice orange, add juice, water, maple syrup, and ginger root to a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and then lower heat, remove ginger root, and let cool for 30 minutes. Add cold brew to glasses with ice and add juice, water, and syrup to glass. Enjoy!

Limoneira's campaign aims to show consumers how lemons can alleviate health problems

According to a press release, the Citrus Ginger Cold Brew pairs perfectly with the lemon glazed donuts (recipe on Limoneira’s Channel) for a delicious Father’s Day treat.

Limoneira’s website will also feature June recipes perfect for summer, like a Celebration Citrus Treats & Beverage Cart, Baked Citrus Chicken Wings, and Lemon Broccolini Pesto & Beans.

Looking for more recipes? Subscribe to Limoneira’s YouTube Channel for more recipes, tips, and tricks. Or looking for more fresh produce news, subscribe to AndNowUKnow’s twice-daily newsletters for more scrumptious content like this!


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