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Limoneira Celebrates Moms With Citrus

Limoneira Celebrates Moms With Citrus

SANTA PAULA, CA - Spring has sprung, and with May upon us, it’s time to turn on the charm and make up for the 364 days of taking Mom for granted. This Mother’s Day, you can celebrate your fam like a pro with Limoneira’s tips and employ the endlessly versatile lemon for a fun, fresh, and flavorful breakfast in bed. Limoneira’s Spokesperson Megan Roosevelt has introduced a recipe loaded with a sweet tart kick and a healthful finish.

Lemon Mango Chia Pudding

A simple, nourishing, and tasty start to any mom’s day!


  • 1 Limoneira classic lemon
  • 1 mango
  • 1.5 cups non-dairy milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • ¼ cup chia seeds

Directions: Add chia seeds to non-dairy milk and whisk together. Let sit for at least four hours in refrigerator (get up early to get the jump on Mom; she’s had it too good for too long; it’s a veritable chia seed ambush). Then, slice and peel mango. Add mango slices, frozen banana, and juice from the lemon to a small blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add chia pudding to a small glass, and top with mango-lemon puree.

Lemon Mango Chia Pudding

Interested in learning more about lemons? Videos with more recipes, tips, and tricks are added to Limoneira’s YouTube channel weekly. For more details on the tips below, watch this video on the Limoneira channel here.

Additionally, Limoneira has partnered up with experts—including global chefs and mixologists, nutritionists, and beauty lifestyle and green cleaning experts—to share their knowledge with the customers of our grocery and foodservice partners around the world. Biographies can be found on Limoneira’s website.


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