Nature Fresh Farms' Jane Rhyno Discusses CPMA Teasers, Program Differentiation, and More

Nature Fresh Farms' Jane Rhyno Discusses CPMA Teasers, Program Differentiation, and More

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - Greenhouse innovation always gets industry blood pumping, and this is most definitely the case when it comes to recent developments from Nature Fresh Farms. As the company heads into the 2023 CPMA Convention and Trade Show, I spoke with Jane Rhyno to learn more about current programs and upcoming offerings.

Jane Rhyno, Vice President, Marketing and Category Development, Nature Fresh Farms“At the show, we’ll be focusing on our YOOM® tomatoes, Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies™, Strawberries, and Tiny Cocktail Cucumbers,” the Vice President of Marketing and Category Development told me.

We’ve spoken of the YOOM tomato extensively on our site. The two-bite, deep purple tomato is ideal for tomato enthusiasts.

“Along with being incredibly healthy, the YOOM Tomato has a unique flavor we’re sure you’ve never tasted in a tomato before,” Jane added. “It boasts an intensity and range of flavor from savory to tart with a hint of plum-like sweetness. Its full and complex flavor, matched with its small size, crisp texture, and juicy interior provide a well-rounded tomato that will appeal to foodies.”

At CPMA 2023, Nature Fresh Farms will be showcasing several unique offerings, including its YOOM two-bite, deep purple tomatoes

The Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies is another offering that helps set the greenhouse grower apart.

“It’s the perfect solution for busy parents who want to fuel their families with convenient, nutritious snacks to get them through the day; bringing something fun to market that is a high-flavor alternative to traditional sugary snacks that kids and parents can be excited about,” Jane noted.

Available in 4 oz varieties such as Medley Tomatoes, Tiny Cocktail Cucumbers, and Mini Sweet Peppers, the Snack Supplies grab-and-go snack bags include a three-pack of collectible stickers, plus a kid-friendly game like a word search, maze, or crossword puzzle.

Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies are a high-flavor alternative to sugary snacks that are perfect for busy consumers

Nature Fresh Farms will also be discussing its strawberry program with attendees.

“Greenhouse grown for superior flavor, these strawberries are irresistibly fragrant, deliciously sweet, and grown with the future in mind—requiring 70 percent less water compared to field berries to grow,” Jane explained to me. “In fall 2023, our 45-acre Ohio expansion will come online, introducing the first organic, greenhouse-grown strawberries to the market. This will provide our customers an opportunity to have a consistent supply of organic greenhouse strawberries.”

A core focus at the show will be Nature Fresh Farm’s continued investment in innovations that push industry standards to a higher level.

In fall 2023, Nature Fresh Farms' 45-acre Ohio expansion will come online, introducing some of the first organic, greenhouse-grown strawberries to the market

“This year, we are focused on ‘Changing the Flavor of Fresh.’ Through greenhouse innovation we are developing new offerings and providing the market with higher flavor, higher quality produce year-round while doing so sustainability and with long-term food security in mind,” Jane remarked.

To learn more about the company’s latest offerings, be sure to stop by booth #1320.

AndNowUKnow will continue reporting on the show circuit, so stay tuned.

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