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Nature Fresh Farms' Stephanie Swatkow Discusses Details of Recent Rebrand

Nature Fresh Farms' Stephanie Swatkow Discusses Details of Recent Rebrand

ONTARIO, CANADA - As a kid, growing out of our favorite sweater was inevitable. But, this wasn’t a bad thing. We were simply making room for our newest signature style. Nature Fresh Farms has dawned a new metaphorical sweater with its recent rebrand, ushering in clarity, differentiation, and greater brand visibility.

Stephanie Swatkow, Director of Marketing, Nature Fresh Farms“We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the past few years and had grown out of our branding. It no longer represented today’s Nature Fresh Farms,” said Stephanie Swatkow, Director of Marketing. “We are much bigger, we continue to expand our geographical presence—in the past 16 months we’ve expanded to Texas and Mexico—and, through continuous innovation and research, we have a greater portfolio of produce to offer than when we launched over twenty years ago.”

As we know, consumer behavior has also changed dramatically as online shopping has exploded. This movement has made packaging and brand recognition critically important, especially with produce and perishable goods. Stephanie explained that shopping a trusted brand provides a sense of security and comfort. Nature Fresh Farms had found that many people knew who the company was, but couldn’t remember what its logo looked like. As such, the company conducted significant consumer research to ensure its new branding is distinctive and memorable.

Nature Fresh Farms has rolled out new branding to better reflect its vision and mission as a greenhouse grower

“In addition, we recognized that we needed a more sophisticated approach to our packaging. Because of our rapid growth, our packaging had primarily been designed to get us on the shelf. We knew we needed to put more intention into it. We needed to have more consumer appeal,” Stephanie added. “Our research concluded that our new brand-forward approach—with simple messaging and a clear view of the product—accomplishes this.”

What messaging does this include, you ask? Nature Fresh Farms’ primary rallying message behind the new branding is that the company is growing for a kinder future. With sustainability serving as an important part of its growth, Nature Fresh Farms is continuously innovating to find ways to grow better, package better, and be more efficient in delivery.

“Overall, we hope our rebranding is more relevant, clearly articulating the quality and innovation that we pride ourselves on,” Stephanie concluded. “Our new logo features our inviting greenhouse. We love that this emblem allows for a variety of expressions that represent the many facets of Nature Fresh Farms, including our produce and our growing practices, in a bold, delightful, and optimistic way.”

The company conducted significant consumer research to ensure its new branding is distinctive and memorable

While its values and business approach stay the same, Nature Fresh Farms’ rebrand is extensive. It encompasses how the company represents itself through language and visual touch points, impacting every aspect of the brand including its logo, corporate colors and fonts, signage, packaging, collateral materials, website, advertising, and social media. The new branding was designed to express who Nature Fresh Farms is, differentiate the brand, and resonate with its customers and consumers.

It’s amazing what a new sweater can do for our confidence, am I right? It seems we can accomplish nearly anything with the right vision and branding in-hand.

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