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NatureSweet Discusses New D’VINES™ Cherry Tomatoes Packaging

NatureSweet Discusses New D’VINES™ Cherry Tomatoes Packaging

SAN ANTONIO, TX - The days might be getting shorter, but summer is still sizzling and, most importantly, so are the season’s cravings. Lori Castillo, Vice President of Marketing for NatureSweet®, recently shared with me that there is one item, in particular, looking to be just as hot as our daytime temperatures.

Lori Castillo, Vice President of Marketing, NatureSweet®“Due to high market demand, the newest addition to the NatureSweet product line up is D’VINES™—a cherry-on-the-vine offering with a fresh, homegrown flavor and versatile packaging. Perfect for a premium cooking and snacking experience, D’VINES are a must-try this summer,” Lori shares.

D’VINES officially launched early last year, relaunching with a new versatile packaging this past spring.

Available in a 9 oz pack that showcases the product for consumers to select, D’VINES tomatoes live up to their name. Vine-nurtured and handpicked, Lori explains they offer a sweet, wholesome goodness in every bite—raw, cooked, sautéed, or however the consumer might wish to try them.

NatureSweet has introduced its D’VINES™ cherry-on-the-vine innovation which offers with a fresh, homegrown flavor, in versatile packaging

NatureSweet, Lori continues, monitors and adapts to the growing trends of the produce industry as it strives to be a single-source solution for consumers’ produce preferences.

And this does not just apply to the products, but also the practices. With shopping behaviors becoming more and more digital, the team has worked to ensure its cyber presence mirrors the high quality its brand strives to deliver physically.

Vine-nurtured and handpicked, D’VINES™ offer a sweet, wholesome goodness in every bite

“NatureSweet is heavily focusing on our story and growing processes in the online space to ensure shoppers are fully educated on the NatureSweet brand so they can feel confident in their purchase,” Lori says, explaining that, as online shopping continues to expand across grocery sectors, NatureSweet, too, is ensuring that it is prepared to be the partner retailers need.

I am certainly game to stave off the autumn days a little longer with a sweet summer treat I don’t have to feel guilty about—a sentiment I’m sure plenty of consumers share.

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