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Naturipe Farms Launches First Cranberry Cookbook for the Holidays

Naturipe Farms Launches First Cranberry Cookbook for the Holidays

SALINAS, CA - During the holiday season, there are some foods that always seem to be a staple, one of them being cranberries. While the beautiful berry shines brightly on any holiday table, sometimes they fall into the same recipes year after year. That is why Naturipe Farms and its team of berry experts are challenging consumers—and the retailers and foodservice operators catering to them—to think outside the box with its new Reimagining Cranberries downloadable cookbook.

Jill Overdorf, Director of Business Development, Food Service, Naturipe Farms“At Naturipe, we pride ourselves on innovation from berry production all the way into your kitchens,” said Jill Overdorf, Director of Business Development for Foodservice and Corporate Chef. “With this cookbook, our goal was to show how fresh cranberries can add a great pop of flavor to your everyday meals as well as create classic holiday staples—from cranberry sauces to cocktails—with a twist.”

The new cookbook features 17 recipes created by a diverse group of experts including growers, chefs, and registered dietitians to show how versatile cranberries could be. The recipes range in flavors for a wide variety of palates to inspire both experienced chefs and those taking their first steps in the kitchen.

Naturipe Farms recently launched its first-ever cranberry cookbook for the holidays

According to a press release, the recipe book is available for free on Naturipe’s website for all to download.

Jenn LaVardera, Nutrition Expert and Registered Dietitian (Photo credit: Hamptons RD)“Health and wellness are important now more than ever,” explained Jenn LaVardera, Nutrition Expert and Registered Dietitian. “And adding fresh cranberries to your traditional holiday classics or your everyday diet can not only brighten up a meal but can also strengthen your immune system.”

In order to boost consumption of the healthful berries, some of Naturipe’s featured recipes include:

  • Cranberry and Sweet Corn Snack Cake – This delicious and easy snack cake is a gateway project into the kitchen for ambitious young bakers
  • Cranberry Harvest Pilaf – This hearty dish is easy to top with whatever you want (or have on hand) and is excellent for making ahead and reheating
  • Cranberry Rice Pudding – This recipe is so easy to make, it’s worth the 30 minutes of diligent stirring. The pop of cranberries brightens up this traditional dish
  • Cranberry Citrus Jalapeño Relish – This easy and delightful cranberry relish gets a deep, earthy flavor from chipotle powder and a bite from the fresh jalapeños. And the best part? No cooking is required
  • Sparkling Cranberry Bog Cocktail – The bright cranberries give the Prosecco a gorgeous burgundy color, which is just begging to be poured into a champagne flute

The recipes from Naturipe Farms show the versatility of cranberries as both a savory and sweet ingredient

To download the cookbook, click here.

As a fruit that is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant, cranberries are more than meets the eye and come perfect at a time where shoppers everywhere are putting a focus on their health. Stock up on Naturipe’s cranberries to give consumers what they have been looking for and the ingredients needed to make these delicious recipes.

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