Peri & Sons Farms® Teri Gibson Outlines Holiday Onion Program

Peri & Sons Farms® Teri Gibson Outlines Holiday Onion Program

YERINGTON, NV - When the holidays roll around, I make sure to keep the staples in my house fully stocked. As you can imagine, I’ve stocked up on onions and shallots because no holiday meal can be made without them. For retailers making sure they’ve got the staples on hand for hungry customers like me, they need supply-side partners in their corner. I connected with Peri & Sons Farms® to learn more about what they’re doing to help retail partners during the winter season.

Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, Peri & Sons Farms®“We’re helping grocery retailers keep the holiday spirit alive in the produce aisle, alongside other areas of the store, with specialty produce items,” Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, told me. “Consumers are on the lookout for items that will make their holiday meals special and memorable. This time of year, we offer our biodegradable and compostable mini boxes of organic shallots and organic Cipollinis.”

One of my favorite aspects of the shallots and Cipollinis is that their packaging makes them look like little gifts. I know I personally would love to receive a box of Cippolinis nicely wrapped—sometimes the mere suggestion can have shoppers’ minds running wild with possibilities.

In order to make the holidays a success for its retail partners, Peri & Sons Farms® offers organic shallots in premium packaging

“They are 100 percent plastic-free,” Teri added. “These delicious little onion gems are perfect for dressing up holiday meals or mixing into charcuterie boards, and they fit nicely into vegetarian, vegan, and plant-forward menus.”

Another aspect of the packaging is that it directs consumers to the supplier’s online recipe hub, where they can find tips, tricks, and ideas for prepping and cooking these organic specialty onions, and all other varieties of onions.

The packaging on both the organic Cipollinis and organic shallots is 100 percent plastic-free

“Peri & Sons Farms’ dedication to food safety, being Non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic, and sustainably grown is another aspect that is going to attract today’s environmentally conscientious produce shopper,” Teri concluded.

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