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President Pat Bayor Discusses Resource Group Solutions' Produce Program Partnership With Organic Valley

President Pat Bayor Discusses Resource Group Solutions' Produce Program Partnership With Organic Valley

BROOKFIELD, IL - Change is in the air for 2017, and one of those companies helping organic businesses evolve is Resource Group Solutions. Partnering to build the fresh perimeter, Resource Group helps its customers build and grow organic perishable programs that improve upon existing infrastructure to provide opportunities for our industry.

Pat Bayor, President, Resource Group Solutions

“We operate these programs similar to Vendor Managed Programs. Once we partner with a company, our team is embedded in these programs and becomes a key part of driving and building the overall program,” President Pat Bayor shares with me as we discuss the company’s vision to bring long-term solutions and distribution efficiencies to fresh-driven business channels.

As more companies look to diversify their offerings, Organic Valley is bringing Resource Group into its fold, as the team builds their organic produce programs around the country through Resource Groups distribution partnerships.

Organic Valley Pumpkins

“Organic Valley is one of the most trusted brands of organic dairy; they are now working on expanding their organic produce offerings to create year-round programs and availability,” Pat tells me. “As one of the top organic dairy brands in the country, Organic Valley has become a trusted organic source for consumers everywhere. We are excited to help build the company’s programs and help them evolve its go-to-market strategy.”

Someone of Organic Valley’s produce programs include its North West potato programs and Florida programs with green beans, kales and other greens, cucumbers, as well as summer squashes, cabbage, and peppers.

Organic Valley Kale

"Their core program has also always been the Midwest program which focuses on greens, commodity type items like cucumbers, peppers, and summer squash, and they also do a great job on their winter squash programs," Pat adds.

When I ask Pat what the company brings to the table in terms of expertise, he tells me that Resource Group is a team of organic perishables professionals.

“All of our team members are experienced in organic products, as well as the retail side and purchasing sides of the business,” Pat adds.

Resource Group’s client base is primarily organic retailers but also includes buying clubs, mass market, and foodservice customers. 

Organic Valley Kale

“Our team brings the experience and expertise to companies like Organic Valley,” Pat says. “We are highly skilled in wholesale distribution and our attention to detail and communication is what differentiates us from the pack.”

As the organic terrain and landscape continues to shift and evolve, stay tuned to for the evolving strategies that will leave their mark on 2017 and beyond.

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