Shuman Farms Details RealSweet Rubies Differentiation in Exclusive Video

Shuman Farms Details RealSweet Rubies Differentiation in Exclusive Video

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REIDSVILLE, GA - A rare and decadent treasure is about to hit the produce aisle. RealSweet Rubies is the latest sweet red onion product from Shuman Farms, and it’s got the branding and flavor to back it up.

Here’s What’s in Store.

This new and unique branded offering spices up your onion category—without bringing a spicy aftertaste. Born and raised in the sandy soils of Southeast Georgia, RealSweet Rubies are sweet as pie and dripping with Southern charm.

RealSweet Rubies are available for a limited time only, so retailers won't want to miss the chance to add this variety to their onion sets

The sweet and savory flavor packs a punch on the taste buds without leaving behind any heat or aftertaste. Consumers won’t be able to get enough of them, especially as spring and summer eating occasions stack up. From sandwich toppings to grilling stars, RealSweet Rubies will be the menu standout.

These precious gems are only available in May and June, but with a flavor this enchanting, consumers will be dreaming of them all year long.

Shuman Farms' RealSweet Rubies offer a sweet and mild flavor that complements a variety of dishes

So go ahead. Sit back and treasure every bite of the RealSweet Rubies.

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