Stemilt Growers Highlights Summer Apple Promotions, Roger Pepperl Comments

Stemilt Growers Highlights Summer Apple Promotions, Roger Pepperl Comments

WENATCHEE, WA - Summer is approaching fast, and retailers looking to prep for the season should plan their promotions around Stemilt’s apple brands. Stemilt’s products use intent marketing to appeal to targeted audiences, and the company notes that this is key to seeing an increase in sales.

Roger Pepperl, Marketing Director, Stemilt Growers“Although there a lot of other items in season, apples still offer consumers convenience and variety, making them a top snacking choice," Roger Pepperl, Marketing Director, said. “With our branded packages, retailers can use intent marketing to push the category. This drives sales and leads to a nice transition into the busy fall season for apples.”

Lil Snappers® kid-size fruit targets parents looking to feed their kids a healthy snack. Stemilt’s Fresh Blenders™ aim to catch the eye of health-conscious millennials who want to start juicing at home. With a variety of branded products, there’s a healthy option for every type of consumer.

Stemilt Lil Snappers® pouch bags

Apples have made up nearly five percent of U.S. produce sales in the past two years, according to a press release, and these figures will only rise with additional summertime promotions. Pepperl shares that the Apple Lover 5 lb bag and the 4 lb organic juicing pack, Fresh Blenders™, are great options for bag needs in the summer, and Granny Smith and Fuji apples are ideal for bag and bulk promotions, due to their flavor profiles and organic availability.

Popular Stemilt varieties like Piñata!® and Gala apples are available in 5 lb Apple Lovers and 4 lb Fresh Blenders™ pouch bags

“Apples are a staple item for shoppers and the growing flavors in this category during the summer months can make for fun promotions at retail,” said Pepperl. “We encourage retailers to tie apples in with in-season items on promotions, feature apples in recipes, or call out the fruit’s impressive health benefits to shoppers. These activities will continue to grow this important category for produce.”

Retailers can expect Stemilt’s organic apples to have high starch reserves during the summer months. These will convert to sugars, resulting in apples that are fresh, crisp, and memorable for consumers. It shouldn't be hard to promote apples this tasty!

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