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Sunkist Growers' Cassie Howard Talks Grapefruit, National Wellness Month, and More

Sunkist Growers' Cassie Howard Talks Grapefruit, National Wellness Month, and More

VALENCIA, CA - Shoppers want to feel inspired to make changes in their life, and we as an industry have built-in products to make them feel better and inspire that immediate change. For Sunkist Growers, the company is leaning into this positive change as it looks to the start of National Wellness Month.

Cassie Howard, Senior Director of Category Management and Marketing, broke down some of the ways in which the citrus provider is helping inspire consumers to add more citrus to their carts.

Cassie Howard, Senior Director of Category Management and Marketing, Sunkist Growers“While you’d be hard-pressed to find a consumer who doesn’t know about the health benefits of vitamin C in citrus fruits, there is still a general lack of awareness on how it can be used to improve their lives, outside of simply having it as is,” she explained. “With August being ‘National Wellness Month,’ we wanted to showcase new and fresh ways to enjoy citrus outside of everyday consumption—from natural aromatherapy and citrus teas to learning how to use every part of the fruit. We want shoppers to know just how versatile our fruit is and how it is essential to elevating their everyday lifestyle.”

One of the fruits underutilized in its versatility is none other than the grapefruit. This mighty vitamin C powerhouse needs to have a moment to shine, and Sunkist is ensuring its retail partners have the tools to up this category’s potential.

“New shoppers are important to the category, representing one-third of grapefruit households and outspending those shoppers no longer in the category. This new millennial and Gen Z grapefruit shopper stays updated on health and fitness trends, with nearly 20 percent purchasing grapefruit from a health expert’s recommendation,” Cassie told me.

To celebrate National Wellness Month, Sunkist Growers is inspiring consumers to add more citrus to their carts by showcasing the category's versatility

Grapefruit not only nourishes you from the inside, but it gives you a more than literal glow from the outside. Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, helping to give skin elasticity and strength—and the antioxidant lycopene—a natural plant compound that has been associated with protecting the skin from sun damage.

Intrigued to see how else you can inspire shoppers? Check out some of Sunkist’s ideas below:

  1. Try eating protein-filled breakfasts within 30-minutes to an hour of waking up with Grapefruit Overnight Oats
  2. Get up, and get moving with a Citrus-Kale Green Juice or enjoy a Post-Workout Citrus Smoothie after your “Hot Girl Walks”
  3. Less coffee, more tea—try subbing in grapefruit in your Wellness Tea Cubes
  4. Having that nothing that comes from a bag mentality? Try whole foods like Grapefruit & Cottage Cheese Toasts with Pistachios & Hot Honey or Roasted Beets with Grapefruit and Tarragon
  5. Entering your healing era? Make grapefruit a 3-for-1 on your upcoming self-care night with Savory Crab, Grapefruit, & Avocado Cheesecake Bites, Grapefruit Julep, or Grapefruit Scrub
  6. Romanticize your life and upgrade that nightcap with a Fresh Grapefruit Paloma mocktail
  7. Eat good, feel good too with a Farro & Citrus Salad

Sunkist Growers says grapefruit is one of the most underutilized varieties, and the supplier is giving retailers the tools to up this category’s potential

“With grapefruit shoppers more likely to buy on impulse than other citrus items, it’s important to draw consumers in through eye-catching displays and engaging merchandising tools including interactive Q-codes, to adjustable header cards hosting real-time nutritional benefits,” Cassie noted. “Sunkist is running a display contest through August, so be sure to contact your local Sunkist sales rep to learn more!”

ANUK will continue to bring you the latest news regarding all things fresh, so stick around for more updates later!

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