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Tive's Jim Waters Discusses In-Transit Visibility and Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Tive's Jim Waters Discusses In-Transit Visibility and Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

BOSTON, MA - As key challenges within the fresh grocery supply chain persist, many fresh produce companies are looking to strategic partnerships, better positioning themselves to mitigate these pressures. One solutions provider proving itself as a valuable ally is Tive, which supports suppliers with real-time data and heightened in-transit visibility. To get a closer look at the company’s cutting-edge products, I spoke with Jim Waters, who clued me in on the advantages data collaboration can provide when addressing supply chain challenges and filling in visibility gaps.

Jim Waters, Vice President of Global Marketing, Tive“It takes a collaboration among visibility providers to get to 100 percent visibility, simply because ‘visibility’ means different things to different companies,” the Vice President of Global Marketing begins. “No one provider has everything to satisfy the need for in-transit visibility.”

Companies across the fresh produce industry have encountered numerous supply chain and visibility challenges, including not knowing the location of shipments, handling products with a shorter shelf-life, implementing new technologies, workforce optimization and management, an increased push for sustainability, and more.

As a result of its comprehensive solutions portfolio, companies can optimize Tive to assist in making sure items arrive on time and in full. This includes sending an alternate shipment if there is concern a shipment may have been ruined, as well as labor planning and planning for stockouts.

Tive provides peace of mind throughout the supply chain as its products relays real-time data and heightened in-transit visibility

Further helping its partners meet the ever-changing demands of the fresh produce industry, Tive also arms its allies with a competitive edge in terms of food safety.

“Tive provides hyper-accurate location and condition at the box, pallet, and container level,” Jim explains. “So, we can tell a customer not only where their shipment is, but how it is—how hot, how cold, how wet, if the container got opened, and if there were any shock events that could damage perishables.”

Continuing its mission to increase operational efficiency for its customers, Tive recently finished a $54 million Series B round, which will lay the groundwork for future product development. In addition, the company has released the new Solo 5G Pharma tracker, which is even more accurate in temperature tracking, complete with a probe for dry ice and other ultra-cold shipments.

Innovation is alive and well in this industry, so keep reading AndNowUKnow as we track the latest advancements to hit the fresh produce sector.


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