Westfalia Fruit Spotlights Latest Developments in Sourcing Strategies at Southern Exposure; Raina Nelson Shares

Westfalia Fruit Spotlights Latest Developments in Sourcing Strategies at Southern Exposure; Raina Nelson Shares

OXNARD, CA - Staying ahead of the curve is part of Westfalia Fruit’s value proposition, and the global supplier is making good on that promise at this year’s Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) Southern Exposure event. Known as the Westfalia Difference, the company will highlight everything from its avocado ripening innovations to sourcing strategies and its 2024 initiatives.

Raina Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA

“We’re dedicated to providing our retail partners with a 365-day supply of avocados, along with customizable ripening programs,” said Raina Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA. “It is about aligning with our customers' needs, from a consistent and reliable source of fresh produce to solutions-driven support. As we celebrate 75 remarkable years in the avocado industry, we remain as committed as ever to our customers’ avocado category."

Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA offers high-quality avocados from five key countries of origin: United States, Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. As a vertically integrated company, Westfalia Fruit manages the entire supply chain from farm to table to ensure the highest standards of quality and freshness of its products, a release explained.

At the 2024 Southern Exposure event, Westfalia Fruit will be highlighting the Westfalia Difference

The supplier also operates state-of-the-art packinghouses and storage facilities in Chile, Colombia, and Peru to focus on supplying premium avocados to global markets.

March marks the highly anticipated return of California-grown Hass avocados and the gourmet GEM® avocado variety, with peak volumes from April through June. Avocados sourced from Mexico will continue to see consistent supply year-round across all sizes and grades.

Colombia, known for its rich soils and optimal growing conditions, will offer a consistent supply of avocados from May through August. The Colombian avocado season is expected to peak at the 60s and smaller, promising promotable volumes of medium- and small-sized fruit. From the groves of Peru, the avocado season commences in July and extends through September.

Southern Exposure coincides with the return of California Hass avocados and GEM® avocados, which will have peak volumes April through June

“Our commitment to quality, innovation, and actionable sustainability has solidified our position as the preferred avocado supplier across the globe. Every aspect of Westfalia Fruit is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence,” added Raina.

Make a stop at booth #611 at Southern Exposure to learn more.

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