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What's In Store for Mann Packing: From Broccoli Florets to Broccoli Cole Slaw

SALINAS, CA - At Mann Packing, we’re committed to transforming single-item commodities into value-added product lines. Welcome to What’s in Store, as we look to delivering multiple margin-making opportunities. 

You may know us as the broccoli company. Broccoli Wokly, Broccamole, Broccoli.com—we found our super food niche early on growing Broccoli 14’s and 18’s. Then it grew from there. With all the broccoli florets we were producing, we were left with lots of broccoli stalks. We fed happy cows at the local dairies, but as broccoli aficionados and food waste pioneers, we knew the stalks were the best part.

Mann Packing Broccoli Cole Slaw

So, we went to work. We sliced, diced, shredded, cubed, and julienned to make the most out of our Hearts of Broccoli® (because the stalk wasn’t just the stalk). We focused on creating healthy menu options for schools and universities, who needed a great price and value, as well as being nutritious and delicious for their menus and students.

But, before we could really launch our variety of foodservice products, the legendary Bob DiPiazza from Dominic’s saw our shreds at a show, and low and behold, Broccoli Cole Slaw was born.

Mann Packing Slaw Blends

Now in its 25th year, Mann’s Broccoli Cole Slaw is part of an entire line up of Veggie Slaw Blends, featuring Rainbow Salad, PowerBlend, and our newest Kale Beet Blend. These veggie blends are unique and made up of veggies that stay firm and crunchy. Mann’s Veggie Slaw Blends are delicious, nourishing family favorites. The super food blends are creating their own section in value-added produce departments, and can be easily used as an instant, extra satisfying salad base, as a side dish, added to salads, wraps, pitas, or even a stir fry. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you for watching What’s In Store.

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