WP Produce Debuts Refreshed Desbry® Logo

WP Produce Debuts Refreshed Desbry® Logo

MIAMI, FL - Though the winds of winter are nipping at our heels, there are some out there who are devoted to bringing a taste of the tropics to the produce aisle, no matter what the season. Family-owned grower-packer-shipper WP Produce is proud to announce a strong start to its high season for tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic. The company sources its avocados from exceptional growing regions around the world to ensure year-round availability and high-quality produce. As if that wasn't enough, WP Produce's Desbry® brand has donned a snazzy new look that is sure to turn heads.

Chris Gonzalez, Vice President of Sales, WP Produce"This growth is exciting, and we expect it to continue. Retailers and foodservice providers have been seeing increased popularity for tropical avocados over the past few years," said Chris Gonzalez, VP of Sales for WP Produce, in a press release. "At PMA Fresh Summit, interest and enthusiasm for tropical avocados was very high. Consumers are demanding variety. And the larger size of tropical avocados with their vibrant green skin and heartier texture appeals to avocado lovers—especially millennials and moms."

WP Produce’s Desbry tropical brand undergoes its high season from mid-October through mid-May, with additional supply from Florida available from June through December, according to a press release. While the company is expecting increased volumes overall, it anticipates exceptionally promotable qualities from November through January.

This avocado season brings new changes and innovations for WP Produce, as the company has recently debuted a refreshed logo for its Desbry brand produce. The brand, which the company has been selling its produce under since 1984, is named after Founder Willy Pardo’s children—Desiree and Bryan, reflecting the cherished family-owned nature of the company.

WP Produce is proud to announce a strong start to its high season for tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic

Moxxy Marketing is responsible for the refreshed logo, which was designed to feature a bright yellow sun and bold coral lettering that reflect the tropical nature and growing regions of WP Produce’s full line of fresh produce. The company’s impressive menagerie of fruits and veg includes: avocados, papaya, pineapple, manzano bananas, mamey, malanga, yucca, calabaza, breadfruit, plantains, habanero peppers, coconuts, mangos, and more.

Desiree Morales, Vice President, WP Produce"The refreshed Desbry logo honors the past of what my father has worked hard to build, and also highlights our commitment to the future," commented Desiree Morales, Vice President of WP Produce. "We are focused on continually leading and improving the tropical produce industry like my dad has been doing the past 30 years, and the new logo is a symbol of that."

WP Produce has also been implementing fresh innovations, including new avocado cleaning and sorting machinery that has been added to its Dominican Republic facilities. The machinery allows for increased capacity and volume, while staying true to the company’s mission of providing sustainable job opportunities in the region. WP Produce has also created a worker welfare program for its Dominican staff.

"As we keep expanding our footprint in the Dominican Republic, we also want to continue building our role in the community, providing a welcoming work environment, and acknowledging our employees’ hard work and dedication," Morales said. "All our produce is inspected by our employees before being packed for our customers to not only ensure the highest quality, but to also ensure we offer a sustainable, year-round supply of jobs for the region. By providing more jobs and meals for all of our employees, we can support the well-being of our employees, and ultimately deliver a better end experience for our customers."

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