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Bee Sweet Citrus Welcomes Back its Specialty Citrus Season

Bee Sweet Citrus Welcomes Back its Specialty Citrus Season

FOWLER, CA - Now that citrus import season has officially wrapped up, next on the Bee Sweet agenda is to bring back its specialty citrus season.

Jim Marderosian, President, Bee Sweet Citrus

“While we provide lemons, mandarins and oranges to our consumers year-round, we’re extremely happy to welcome back all of our specialty varieties,” said Bee Sweet Citrus President Jim Marderosian. “Each variety has its own unique qualities making specialty citrus a great addition to any meal.” 

Bee Sweet Citrus' Cara Caras

Bee Sweet’s specialty citrus program refers to those specific varieties that are not readily available year-round. These include unique varieties like Cara Caras, Blood Oranges, Pummelos, Melo Golds, Grapefruit, stem and leaf mandarins, Page Mandarins, Oro Blancos and Meyer Lemons. In addition to its unique taste, Bee Sweet is highlighting that specialty citrus also offers a plethora of health benefits

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“There are many reasons why people love specialty citrus,” explains Bee Sweet Citrus' Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue in a press release. “Grapefruit is high in fiber, tastes great and is a great source of vitamin C; Meyer Lemons are less acidic than regular lemons, and are often used in dessert recipes; Blood Oranges are usually sought for their sweet taste and are an excellent source of anthocyanins. The list goes on and on.”

Bee Sweet Citrus' Meyer Lemons

As the “foodie movement” in America continues to grow, consumers are now more and more willing to switch up their tried-and-true recipes. While specialty citrus can be a great snack on its own, Bee Sweet notes in a press release, many of the varieties can also be incorporated into unique dishes. For a complete list of specialty varieties and their availabilities, check out Bee Sweet’s website by clicking here.

Bee Sweet Citrus

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