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Laura Hearn Shares the Details on the Newly-Launched Venture, Glean

Laura Hearn Shares the Details on the Newly-Launched Venture, Glean

NORTH CAROLINA - A few market-savvy industry vets have gathered to form a new company that offers a fresh spin on produce consumption. Laura Hearn, one of the Co-Founders for newly-launched Glean, took the time to share with me this latest twist on boosting purchase and consumer love for sweet potatoes, pumpkins, beets, and beyond.

Laura Hearn, Co-Founder, Glean“Glean began with all of us working in produce and seeing trends throughout the industry as a whole for plant-based and healthy alternative products,” Laura explains. Heading up Nash Produce’s marketing for over seven years, she got a firsthand look at what consumers were craving. “Our team all worked in sweet potatoes over the years, seeing evolving uses and demands specific to them.”

Sweet Potato Flour and Pumpkin Flour

The rising demand for versatile products opened the door for Laura, her brother Will, Stacy Ham-Thomas, and Kris Radford to start this new venture to answer that call with products like sweet potato flour, pumpkin flour, and–coming soon–beet powder.

“A lot of people use these items alternatively, either for flavoring, sauces, smoothies, or the usual flour applications. People are really excited about this, and it gives a lot of outlets to boost consumption as all the products are 100 percent made from their commodity base.”

And, Laura adds, provided by growers to help mitigate food waste.

Coming soon: Beet powder

Having all been in the business for a combined 20+ years, the Glean team has built connections in the produce industry. Tapping into those relationships, they have created a network, both local and national, of suppliers looking to avoid leaving unwanted product in the fields.

“Our mission statement is ‘Gathering goodness, reviving produce and people for meaningful lives.’ The majority of our fruit and vegetable products use discarded or unwanted produce that wouldn’t make it at retail,” Laura explains, adding the cause goes even further with the register ring. “For every pound purchased we donate a pound to make sure even those who couldn’t otherwise afford a healthy lifestyle can have access to one as well. One of the biggest draws for me in choosing Glean was knowing how big a difference it makes.”

Sweet Potato Flour and Pumpkin Flour

The team has just started discussions with retailers following the recent soft launch of its website, ultimately hoping to see these products enhancing shelves and menu offerings for both retail and foodservice operators.

Find out how pairing this new spin on produce with your fresh displays by connecting with the team at [email protected]. Visit their website at www.liveglean.com to check out their products and use code ANUK15 for 15% off.

Live Glean