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Sunripe Certified Brands Introduces Proprietary Oh So Rosso Brand

Sunripe Certified Brands Introduces Proprietary Oh So Rosso Brand

PALMETTO, FL – Looking to further diversify its premium selections, Sunripe Certified Brands has announced a new proprietary variety of tomato. The company has unveiled the Oh So Rosso for this fall.

Jon Esformes, President and CEO, Sunripe Certified Brands

“Tomato lovers everywhere can be assured in Sunripe Certified Brands’ commitment to offer the highest quality and most sustainable products in the market,” said Jon Esformes, President and CEO of Sunripe Certified Brands. “Our commitment to flavor, food safety, and social responsibility allows us to deliver tomatoes that not only taste great, but that our consumers can feel good about eating.”

The Oh So Rosso is bred consistently with Sunripe’s Non-GMO growing practices, according to a press release. The fruit’s sun-kissed, fresh flavor, and rich color make the Oh So Rosso ideal for tomato-based recipes like Caprese salad or fresh salsa.

Jay Scott, Horticulturist, University of Florida

“A crimson tomato is 50 percent higher in lycopene than a regular tomato,” said University of Florida Horticulturalist Jay Scott.

The company noted that the tomato ripens into a deep red color, both inside and out. The newest addition to Sunripe’s lineup will add a unique offering to its already robust line of which includes Roma, Vine-ripened, Grape, and Mature Green tomatoes.

“Studies are finding that the lycopene in tomatoes is beneficial in reducing risk of heart disease and some cancers, and high-lycopene tomatoes also have anti-oxidant properties,” added Dietician Mary Branagan.

Oh So Rosso Growing Region

In addition, after a successful first run, Sunripe Certified Brands is bringing back its Bella Roma tomatoes for a second year. Harvest begins mid-November, and this year’s crop includes an expanded offering of the company’s unique proprietary varieties, bred to meet the sizing and flavor needs of foodservice and retail partners.

Sunripe’s Grape and Mature Green tomatoes are expected to appear in good supply with outstanding quality throughout the fall and winter months.

As more companies invest in and unveil new proprietary varieties, stick with AndNowUKnow for the latest.

Sunripe Certified Brands

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