Vitalis Organic Seed: Technical Support

Vitalis Organic Seed offers extensive technical support for its customers for development from seed to final product.

Enrique Pena, Sales Manager Mexico North at Ahern International Seed Company stated, “Vitalis has always been supportive, we get all the genetics that we need. We get the most advanced seed every year, and with the help of Vitalis technicians select the (desired) genetics.”
Jesus Canale Station Manager of Enza Mexico said yhe purpose of Vitalis’ extensive facilities is to provide support to companies in the state and outside of Sinaloa.
Ricardo Crisantes General Manager of Wholsum Harvest stated “We want a partner that is there providing the seed, doing the research, improving varieties in a way that is in line with our values, with our sustainability efforts”
“In an effort to provide a 100% organic, holistic system, from seed to final product, we are working to create varieties and make them available to growers in certified organic form,” stated Erica Renaud, Business Manager, Vitalis North America
Theojari Crisantes, CEO Wholesum Harvest noted that as Vitalis grows, so does organic availability.
The company is fully dedicated to organic seed with the goal of to be able to provide exactly what the grower needs, said Rodolfo Leyva, General Manager Enza Mexico.

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