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California Giant Berry Farms Works Toward Zero Waste Initiative

California Giant Berry Farms Works Toward Zero Waste Initiative

WATSONVILLE, CA - California Giant Berry Farms is spreading both holiday cheer and spirit as it takes its Zero Waste Certification to the next level. The California Giant Food Safety Team took to the roads and delivered office supplies that were no longer in use or needed and donated them to Creekside Elementary School in Salinas, California. This helped saved more than 400 pounds of goods from the local landfill.

Eric Valenzuela, Director of Food Safety and Sustainability, California Giant Berry Farms“We have three pillars at California Giant focused on sustainability; people, planet, and profit. We also have three areas of focus where we are implementing those pillars,” stated Eric Valenzuela, Director of Food Safety and Sustainability. “We have an on-farm pilot program approaching Sustainably Grown Certification, our Corporate Offices are approaching true Zero Waste Certification, and we are conducting an extensive assessment and investment in our cooling operation to help realize greater energy efficiencies. We are extremely pleased with the support we are receiving every day by staff and our grower community and continue to be inspired by each step closer to certification.”

According to a press release, the list of items included floor mats, file folders, office chairs, and assorted electronics. California Giant has been on a sustainability journey for over a year and continues to recognize many cost savings along the way. As the company finds they no longer need filing cabinets, folders, storage units, and paper, it looks at eliminating items differently today. With each action, the staff considers the potential of reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Michelle Silva, Food Safety Coordinator at California Giant, and Jose Juan Urquizo, Principal of Creekside Elementary School, unloading donated goods from the California Giant office

Reducing and recycling are very important in achieving Zero Waste, but reusing is also a key component. California Giant is currently at 90 percent by eliminating plastic cups, utensils, and dishes at the office, converting hauling containers to be more efficient, becoming paperless, and repurposing supplies or donating them to others in the community. In fact, all company trash cans will be donated next week since staff no longer has them under their desks.

California Giant Berry Farms is expecting to see true Zero Waste certification in spring 2020 for the corporate offices and Sustainably Grown certification on farms with its grower participants.

Cheers to California Giant on this initiative!

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