USDA Reports Vidalia Onion Growers Vote to Continue Federal Marketing Order

USDA Reports Vidalia Onion Growers Vote to Continue Federal Marketing Order

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GEORGIA - As the first part of the year gets under our belts, retailers and consumers alike look to spring for many things, including the annual availability of the coveted Vidalia onion. With the premium category comes much discussion, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) announcement that Vidalia onion producers voted to continue their marketing order program for sweet onions grown in Georgia.

Of the eligible producers who voted in the referendum, 97 percent voted in favor of continuing the marketing order, according to a press release. As the USDA notes, those voting in favor of the continuation represents 99 percent of the volume produced by those voting.

Georgia growers voted in favor of continued marekting order to fund future vidalia onions in Georgia

This order allows the industry in Georgia and the Vidalia Onion Committee to fund production research, marketing development projects, and marketing promotion programs, including paid advertising. These benefits under the marketing order support the industry’s ability to thrive in a hyper-competitive arena.

The marketing order requires that a referendum be held every six years to allow producers to decide whether the marketing order should be continued. A referendum was held October 7-28, 2019.

We look forward to ramping up for the Vidalia onion season in just a couple of months with our grower friends and their retail partners!

U.S. Department of Agriculture