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Whole Foods Market Predicts Top 10 Food Trends for 2020

Whole Foods Market Predicts Top 10 Food Trends for 2020

AUSTIN, TX - Whole Foods Market has been on the prowl. For what you ask? Why, the industry's biggest trends of course! For the fifth year in a row, Whole Foods Market has released its list of what it believes to be the most anticipated and innovative food trends for the upcoming year—with produce and plant-based goodies taking up a big chunk of this year's list.

Over 50 Whole Foods team members, including local foragers, regional and global buyers, and culinary experts, worked to finalize this top ten food trends for 2020 list

Per usual, over 50 Whole Foods team members, including local foragers, regional and global buyers, and culinary experts, compiled a list of the top ten trends for 2020. Here's what they picked:

Meat-Plant Blends

For the health-conscious at-home chef, adding plant-based ingredients to meatballs and burgers has an added bonus—it’s budget-friendly! Flexitarians looking to strike a tasty balance between meats and plants can expect more blended products in their future.

Regenerative Agriculture

In general, farming and grazing practices that restore degraded soil, improve biodiversity, and increase carbon capture to create long-lasting environmental benefits, such as positively impacting climate change.

Flour Power

2020 will bring more interesting fruit and vegetable flours like banana, cauliflower, and tigernut flour to the forefront of consumers' culinary imagination.

Everything Butters and Spreads

Has (insert nut, seed, snack) been made into a butter yet? It’s likely to happen in 2020. Think tahini, pumpkin, macadamia, and even chickpea butters (no, it’s not a new name for hummus).

Foods from West Africa

The 16 nations within West Africa share similar foods, but each have their own specialties based on subtle influences from the Middle East and Western Europe. Brands are looking to West Africa for its superfoods too like moringa and tamarind, and lesser known cereal grains sorghum, fonio, teff and millet.

Out-of-the-Box, Into-the-Fridge Snacking

The keyword is “fresh” in this new generation of grabbing and going—hard-boiled eggs with savory toppings, pickled vegetables, drinkable soups, and mini dips and dippers of all kinds, all perfectly portioned and in convenient single-serve packaging.

Plant-Based, Beyond Soy

As the plant-based movement gains traction with flexitarian eaters, brands are looking to avoid as many of the top allergens as possible, so look for plant-based prepared foods (especially meat alternatives) and traditionally soy-based condiments going soy-less!

Rethinking the Kids’ Menu

Food brands are taking notice for the next generation and expanding the menu beyond nostalgic foods with better-for-you ingredients, such as organic chicken nuggets, non-breaded salmon fish sticks, and colorful pastas in fun shapes made from alternative flours.

Not-So-Simple Sugars

For those seeking sweetness outside of the usual suspects like sugar, stevia, honey, and maple syrup, there’s lots more to choose from for your cooking, baking, and tea- or coffee-stirring needs.

Zero-Proof Drinks

With so many consumers seeking out alternatives to alcohol, unique non-alcoholic options are popping up everywhere, from menus at the world’s most acclaimed bars to specialty stores.

“Try the Trend” products and brands illustrating 2020 food trends include a variety of products available now or coming to Whole Foods Market stores in 2020 for either local or national distribution.

To savor every trend to its fullest, check out the official press release here. As these trends play out in 2020, stay right here with AndNowUKnow for the latest.

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