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Aldi New Store Debuts a 40 Percent Larger Fresh Foods Department

Aldi New Store Debuts a 40 Percent Larger Fresh Foods Department

PHILADELPHIA, PA - As Aldi continues to expand its hold in the U.K., the retailer is also honing in on the United States market. Recent news have surfaced showing the retailer will be opening a new grocery store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in what some are considering a new fresh format.

According to local news source Billy Penn, the new Aldi will feature a “fresh foods” section that’s 40 percent larger than the brand’s older stores, Center Valley Division Vice President Bob Grammer said in an email.

With an entrance on Ridge Avenue just before it hits Broad, the store is the first Philadelphia Aldi that’s part of a mixed-use development, taking up the ground floors of a 14-story tower.

Aldi will be opening a new grocery store that some purport to be a new format, with an added focus on fresh

Aldi’s newest Philly location will have six aisles and feature open ceilings, covering about 25,000 square feet. The building, located at 1300 Fairmount Ave., will also house 475 apartments, a preschool, and a built-in parking garage.

The news source noted the Aldi will open at some point in November.

This new store opening follows the retailer’s recent announcement to invest more than $5 billion in the U.S.

What new developments should we expect next? Is this indeed part of a new fresh-forward format that will position fresh as Aldi’s top priority?AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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