To-Jo Mushrooms' Joe D'Amico Discusses Corporate Culture,

To-Jo Mushrooms' Joe D'Amico Discusses Corporate Culture, "One Team…One Family" Philosophy

AVONDALE, PA – To-Jo Mushrooms has been a premier provider of mushrooms for more than 80 years. And during this time, the multi-generational company has seen its operations grow precipitously and its definition of family has expanded to include a diverse group of people and personalities. I recently had a chance to speak with Joe D’Amico to learn more about To-Jo Mushrooms’ unique culture and the ways in which To-Jo Mushrooms is more than a produce provider—it’s a family.

Joe D'Amico, Vice President, To-Jo Mushrooms“To-Jo has adopted a set of core values that drives our business philosophy. Paramount among them is ‘One Team…One Family,’” Vice President Joe D’Amico explained. While our success can be attributed to management and employees working together as ‘One Team,’ we excel because we support each other, unconditionally like a family, regardless of the circumstances.”

Group Values Recognition award recipients

With a commitment to caring for its team members in place, To-Jo Mushrooms is able to provide the best possible product for its partners. When you look at where To-Jo came from, and where it’s headed, the guiding principles and thought leadership of the company have always been family-driven and customer-focused. To-Jo carries on this mission today by never being satisfied with the status quo and treating everyone with respect and integrity.

“While there are many factors that have played a role in our success, the one constant is the diverse personalities of our employees, past and present, who have helped make To-Jo the company it is today,” said Joe. “We believe that what sets us apart is the ability to foster, encourage and develop the skills of a diverse and unique mix of personalities. This enables employees to take risks and give the extra effort necessary to make new ideas work. Because our employees feel respected and a part of something bigger—‘One Team...One Family’—they are empowered and open to the types of changes that are necessary for To-Jo to adapt and succeed in an uncertain and ever-changing landscape. For To-Jo Mushrooms, the more personality we have, the better.”

To-Jo Mushrooms Team, 2017

Through initiates and events like the company’s Values Recognition program—which recognizes employees for upholding the company’s core values—and its Annual Celebration Day—featuring an afternoon of food, music, dancing, and fun—To-Jo Mushrooms celebrates its employees. And that appreciation translates into a healthier company and superior products for its customers.

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