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Latvian Officials Uncover Cocaine Hidden Within Banana Shipment

Latvian Officials Uncover Cocaine Hidden Within Banana Shipment

LATVIA - Latvian authorities were in for a surprise recently as a retail chain’s security service informed them of suspected drugs concealed within banana boxes. Jumping into action, the State Police seized the packages of white powder to determine what the substance was.

Overall, according to reporting from ENG.LSM.lv, the authorities confiscated 168 packages and began inspecting all other retail outlets of the chain stores. In total, five searches were carried out during the investigation.

Latvian State Police found about 168 kilograms (~370 lb) of suspected cocaine concealed within a shipment of bananas

After inspecting the packages, State Police believe that the powder within the shipment of bananas is most likely cocaine weighing in at 168 kilograms (approximately 370 lb). The police have also determined that the bananas arrived in Latvia from South America, and all the companies that received bananas from this batch have been identified and inspected.

Thank you to the Latvian authorities who have done their part to keep fresh produce safe from the reprehensible actions of criminals.