SpartanNash Takes Over Gordy’s Market Wholesale Distribution

SpartanNash Takes Over Gordy’s Market Wholesale Distribution

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI - SpartanNash has struck a deal granting it access to all 21 Gordy’s Markets in Wisconsin, making it the primary wholesaler for the chain.

Dennis Eidson, President & CEO, SpartanNash“Gordy's is a perfect fit for our distribution operations,” Dennis Eidson, President and Chief Executive Officer of SpartanNash, said, according to a press release. “We have years of experience meeting our Wisconsin customers' preferences, our St. Cloud DC is strategically located to minimize food miles, and we are positioned to help Gordy's grow. We see this agreement as a win:win for both parties.”

Per the newly-signed long term contract, SpartanNash will be distributing Gordy’s national brands and services, which will be moved to its St. Cloud, Minnesota distribution center, as well as its exclusive brands, including:

  • Our Family® brands
  • Top Care®
  • Value Time®
  • Natural and/or organic and eco-friendly Full Circle brands

David Schafer, CFO for Gordy’s, praised SpartanNash on its conduct in a number of areas, including its leadership, commitment to growth, its portfolio of value added services, and its private brand offerings.

David Schafer, CFO, Gordy's Market"As a wholesale/retail operator, SpartanNash's leadership clearly understands what it takes to deliver quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service," Schafer commended.

The change-over will start taking effect in February of this year when SpartanNash will begin distributing Gordy’s private brand products, but it is not slated to become the primary distributor until May.

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