Giorgio Fresh's Greg Sagan Discusses Mushroom Products Essential for Super Bowl Merchandising

Giorgio Fresh's Greg Sagan Discusses Mushroom Products Essential for Super Bowl Merchandising

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BLANDON, PA - Most folks will be tuning into the Big Game to cheer on their favorite team, but I’ll be showing up for the food spread. This is an occasion that warrants celebration—or some consolation food, depending on whether or not your team wins—and buyers need to be prepared for the influx of shoppers getting ready. Here to meet them is Giorgio Fresh, whose Greg Sagan sat down with me recently to discus Super Bowl promotions.

Greg Sagan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Giorgio Fresh“Every year, consumers looks forward to getting together for the Big Game and enjoying their favorite appetizers and game-ready finger foods,” the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing began. “Giorgio Fresh is working with our customers to help them optimize in-store promotion efforts. Because mushrooms are a versatile ingredient, one of the best ways to promote mushrooms in stores is cross-merchandising. Positioning mushrooms next to items that complement each other, such as meat, vegetable trays, and salads, is ideal for maximizing sales.”

The company also has a host of recipes on its website, which are available for retailers to use on their own channels—all in the hopes of inspiring consumers in the kitchen.

Giorgio Fresh has a diverse range of products that are the perfect complements to a Super Bowl snacking spread

“Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time for consumers to try our tasty stuffed mushrooms. Not only are they available in a variety of popular flavors, including Buffalo Blue Cheese and Mediterranean Cheese Blend, but they save consumers time in the kitchen, too,” Greg explained. “Simply heat and serve these delicious stuffed mushrooms. Great taste and experiences come together in Giorgio’s favorite game day appetizers.”

Giorgio’s signature Savory Wild Portabella Jerky is an additional quick snack for the game day table. The line includes umami-packed flavors such as Smokehouse Bacon and Hot & Spicy Cajun Style that will draw in shoppers looking for easy snacking.

Savory Wild Portabella Jerky from Giorgio Fresh serves as a convenient and healthy snack for Game Day goers

“Our newest product, launched under the Giorgio’s Kitchen brand, are the Shredded Portabella Mushrooms. These two value-added items are available in two distinctive flavors, Barbecue and Sriracha. These convenient meal solutions can easily be used to create sandwiches, nachos, or loaded potatoes. One way shoppers can try this product is using the Barbecue flavored shredded portabella in a slider bun for a quick and healthy sandwich during the game. They can use the Sriracha flavored shredded portabella on top of their favorite nacho recipe for a unique kick. The possibilities are endless!” Greg emphasized.

When merchandising these products, Greg went on to note that it’s essential that retailers ensure they are aligned with shoppers’ needs.

The line of Giorgio’s Kitchen Shredded Portabella Mushrooms includes Barbecue and Sriracha flavors

“Many consumers desire satisfying, delicious, and nutritious products to fit their lifestyle. We encourage retailers to position mushrooms as a great meat alternative. We certainly believe that mushrooms' versatility and the nutritional story provide a narrative for retailers, as consumers of all ages are looking for healthy and delicious food options, and mushrooms rank right at the top,” he shared with me.

No doubt that Giorgio Fresh is bringing the versatility and convenience shoppers crave! Be sure to stay tuned to us here at AndNowUKnow as we cover the latest in the industry.

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